Kevin Thomas Sharkey

Rachel Junot, MBA Online Graduate, Class of 2016

"My experience in the Master of Business Administration program at California State University San Bernardino was both very challenging and positive. I chose CSUSB’s Online MBA program because it is my alma mater, where I obtained my BA in Psychology and that I currently live too far away from the campus. What I liked most about the MBA program is the support that I received from the faculty members. Dr. Vipin Gupta has been very instrumental in smoothing my transition into a new career path. Through this program, I obtained valuable business administrative experience in an internship as a Research Technician at California State University, Stanislaus. In addition, I enjoyed working as a Graduate Assistant for Dr. Craig Seal in his management course in Organizational Theory and Behavior. I cannot express enough how tremendous the Online MBA program at CSUSB has been in helping me create a new career in the business world."

Kevin Thomas Sharkey

Robyn Jackson, MBA Online Student, Class of 2016, CNMT Account Mgr Medical Scientific Sales Nuclear Medicine

"Dr. Seal opened me up to areas I would not have gone on my own. I was moderately interested in the course when I initially enrolled. Once the course got going I loved it. I loved the content on many spectrums such as groupthink, abilene, social and emotional intelligence, early organization management and so forth. The course gave me a sense on how to deal with issues in a professional environment as well as my personal life. I also appreciated how Dr. Seal gave taped power point lectures. This allowed him to give side bar examples that the book didn't provide. Those examples helped me understand the point better. Professor Seal pushed me in directions I would not have gone. Thank you Dr. Seal for your patience with me and my family."

Melisa Garcia,

Melisa Garcia, MBA Online Graduate, Class of 2014, Catering Sales Manager for The Country Club at Soboba Springs

“Entering the MBA program in 2013 was one of the best decisions I have made in my life! During the process, I met many new friends and created a close bond with them. The facility who oversee this program are truly genuine individuals who really care about the students and their success. You are not alone and have endless support throughout the entire journey. I completed this program in 18 months and it went by so fast. It has opened so many new doors for me and the rewards are endless.” Read More Melisa Garcia

Norma Serrato

Norma Serrato, MBA Online Graduate, Class of 2014, Branch Manager for L&W Supply.

“The downturn in the economy in 2007 hit the construction industry especially hard as money was not being spent on building new structures or the remodeling of existing ones. As the economy improved, I felt that earning an MBA Online from CSUSB would enable me to gain the tools necessary to help my company take advantage of the upcoming growth available in the building industry.

I chose CSUSB because they were one of the few schools in the region whose online program had AACSB accreditation. CSUSB’s MBA program fostered an atmosphere of camaraderie as we had to work together and help each other on some projects where communication was essential. By sharing my ideas and listening to the ideas of my classmates, we were able to find common ground to achieve our common goals.”

Robert Corona

Robert Corona, MBA for Executives Graduate, Class of 2009, Director, Center for International Trade Development, Riverside Community College District

"After investigating other options, CSUSB’s MBA for Executives program was obviously the best choice for me. The accelerated format and off-campus location are what made earning my degree possible because my work schedule didn’t allow me to take classes at the Cal State campus. Learning new methodologies and the latest business concepts has made me more effective in my job. If you’re thinking of getting your MBA, I encourage you to check out CSUSB’s MBA for Executives program.”

Kevin Thomas Sharkey

Kevin Thomas Sharkey, MBA for Executives Graduate, Class of 2005, Key Account Specialist, Wine Warehouse

"In addition to the real-world skills taught in the classroom, one of the things I appreciated most about my CSUSB MBA for Executives program was the diversity of my classmates. We came from a variety of industries and professional backgrounds, so we learned a lot from each other as well as from our instructors.

I chose CSUSB for my advanced degree because it was a great value, and the courses were offered at times that were convenient for me. Having an MBA has given me a competitive edge in today's tough economy and makes me a more valuable employee.”

Dr. Dev GnanaDev

Dr. GnanaDev, MBA for Executives Graduate, Class of 2001, Medical Director and Chairman, Department of Surgery, Arrowhead Regional Medical Center

"The leadership skills, knowledge and experience—especially in the areas of communication and finance—that I gained through the Executive MBA Program at Cal State San Bernardino gave me the training and confidence that I needed in my leadership positions. I recommend the program highly to anyone who wants to reach the next level of success.”

Dr. Dev GnanaDev,

Daniel Cuellar, MBA for Executives Graduate, Class of 2009, Key Account Manager, Frito-Lay

"Obtaining my MBA for Executives from CSUSB was definitely one of the factors involved in receiving a promotion at work. The program was convenient for me and adaptable to my busy lifestyle. In addition to coursework that helped me advance in my career, I made some great friendships and professional contacts from among my classmates. I'd recommend CSUSB's MBA for Executives program highly to family members, friends and colleagues.”

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