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Prospective Students

Bring a Colleague and Save!

10% Discount
a $300 savings

Join the MBA Online program with a colleague, and both of you can save 10% on MBA Online course fees. A savings of $300 each on the first course.

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Current Students

Refer Students Like You!

10% Discount
a $300 savings

Share the benefits of the MBA Online program with a colleague and give them a 10% discount on MBA Online course fees. When your colleague enrolls, you’ll earn a 10% discount too! This is a savings of $300 for each of you on a course.

Multiple prospective colleagues? Refer multiple students and receive additional savings. A 10% savings will be applied for each referral who is admitted and enrolled.

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Make an Alumni Referral!

10% Discount

Refer a colleague and receive a 10% discount on professional and continuing education courses. Your referral will receive a discount on the MBA Online course fees once admitted and enrolled. Enjoy the benefits of continuing your education and staying on top of industry trends. View a full listing of available continuing education courses.

"Dr. Seal opened me up to areas I would not have gone on my own. I was moderately interested in the course when I initially enrolled. Once the course got going I loved it. I loved the content on many spectrums such as groupthink, abilene, social and emotional intelligence, early organization management and so forth. The course gave me a sense on how to deal with issues in a professional environment as well as my personal life. I also appreciated how Dr. Seal gave taped power point lectures. This allowed him to give side bar examples that the book didn't provide. Those examples helped me understand the point better. Professor Seal pushed me in directions I would not have gone. Thank you Dr. Seal for your patience with me and my family."

Robyn Jackson Robyn Jackson