Financial Information


  • Promotional discount for new applicants reduces the fees to $750.00 per unit or $3,000 per course. (MBA Online only)
  • The 18-month program consists of 12 4-unit courses**.
  • The fees do not include the cost of textbooks.

Financial Aid

  • All applicants must maintain satisfactory progress.
  • Graduate students must be conditionally or fully classified in a graduate program.
  • Students taking prerequisite courses under the direction of a graduate program in preparation for entrance are eligible for one year of loans.

The Financial Aid Office offers information on:

  • Federal Loans
  • Grants (Fellowships and Grants are also available from the American Association of University Women AAUW)
  • Federal Work Study Programs
  • Scholarship Database:

    Start your search for scholarships with With over 2,500 sources of aid in their database, and a selection of filters to narrow the list of scholarships down, every current or aspiring graduate student can find scholarships they not only qualify for, but can compete for and earn. Be sure to check the database often, as the selection and information on each scholarship is regularly updated.

The first step in applying for any type of financial aid (including loans) is to submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Students may apply online at the FAFSA website.

Students seeking financial aid are encouraged to visit the CSUSB Financial Aid Office website.

Important Dates and Refund Policies

Important Dates and Refund Policies

Quarter/Year Intake Course Dates Final Registration and Payment Census Date Last day to drop with 65% refund
Winter 2018 1 1/6-2/10/18 1/2/18 1/16/18 1/16/18
Winter 2018 2 2/12-3/19/18 2/5/18 2/21/18 2/21/18
Spring 2018 1 4/2-5/5/18 3/26/18 4/11/18 4/11/18
Spring 2018 2 5/7-6/11/18 4/30/18 5/16/18 5/16/18
Summer 2018 1 6/20-7/25/18 6/13/18 6/29/18 6/29/18
Summer 2018 2 7/28-9/1/18 7/20/18 8/6/18 8/6/18
Fall 2018 1 9/20-10/25/18 9/13/18 9/29/18 9/29/18
Fall 2018 2 10/29-12/3/18 10/22/18 11/7/18 11/7/18

Refund Policies

  • 100% refund, less administrative fee, if course is dropped before start date.
  • 65% refund, less administrative fee, if course is dropped by census date.
  • No refund after census.

For more information on dropping a course, please refer to the MBA Online Student Handbook.

* Fees are subject to change

** To complete the program in 18-months, students need to start in intake 1 (session one), and follow the prescribed program plan.