Admission Requirements

  • The MBA Online program does not require submission of GMAT or GRE test scores.
  • Please submit your résumé to confirm your eligibility.
  • Résumé submissions can be emailed to

Eligibility Requirements

Applicants must meet the following minimum conditions:

  1. Have completed a four-year college course of study at a regionally accredited institution
  2. Attained minimum of a 3.0 GPA in the last 90 units of course work
  3. Applications with a GPA between 2.5 and 2.99 will be considered for exceptional admission by the program and Dean of Graduate Studies
  4. Maintained good standing at the last college attended

Program Documents Required

Additionally, applicants must submit the following supporting documentation:

  1. Résumé demonstrating a minimum of 5 years of professional* work experience
  2. A 250 word personal statement discussing academic motivation and personal qualifications that will contribute to successful completion of the program
  3. Three letters of recommendation
  4. Official transcripts from all colleges/universities attended

*Minimum five years of post-undergraduate professional (defined as exempt level) and/or managerial (defined as responsibility for scheduling, hiring, firing, evaluating, developing and/or rewarding employees) experience

Supplemental Forms

Professional Experience Addendum Letter of Recommendation

CSUSB transcripts do not need to be submitted. All new students must submit official transcripts from all colleges/universities attended. Transcripts can be sent:

  • Electronically (directly from institution)
  • Mailed
  • Hand delivered to the Office of Graduate Studies and Office of Student Research (CH-123)

All transcripts must be in their original sealed envelope, not tampered with, to be considered official.

Official transcripts may be mailed to:
California State University, San Bernardino
Office of Graduate Studies and Office of Student Research (CH-123)
5500 University Parkway
San Bernardino, CA 92407

Program Start Dates

We are accepting students every 5 weeks. Please refer to the next intake date:
(Important Dates Table)

Quarter/Year Course Dates Application Deadline Document Deadline Admission Deadline
Winter 2018-1 1/6-2/10/18 12/8/17 12/15/17 12/22/17
Winter 2018-2** 2/12-3/19/18 1/15/18 1/22/18 1/29/18
Spring 2018-1 4/2-5/5/18 3/2/18 3/9/18 3/19/18
Spring 2018-2 5/7-6/11/18 4/10/18 4/17/18 4/23/18
Summer 2018-1 6/20-7/25/18 5/20/18 5/27/18 6/6/18
Summer 2018-2 7/28-9/1/18 7/1/18 7/8/18 7/13/18
Fall 2018-1 9/20-10/25/18 8/20/18 8/27/18 9/6/18
Fall 2018-2 10/29-12/3/18 9/29/18 10/6/18 10/15/18

** To complete the program in 18-months, students need to start in intake 1 (session one), and follow the prescribed program plan