Schedule of Courses

2016/2017 Criminal Justice Online Tentative Course Schedule

Spring 2017

Session One - 4/3/17 – 5/5/17
Course Number Course Title Instructor(s)
CJUS 320 Theories of Crime and Delinquency Dr. Steve Tibbetts

Bundle for Schram, P. & Tibbetts, S.
Introduction to Criminology: Why do they do it? Sage Publications;
Thousand Oaks. ISBN: 9781506383248

CJUS 451 Women and Crime Dr. Deborah Parsons

Women and the Criminal Justice System, 4th Edition
Van Wormer & Bartollas ©2014
ISBN-13: 9780133141351

CJUS 441 Community Policing Jill Merrall

Community Policing, Partnerships for Problem Solving: 7th Edition
Linda S. Miller, Karen Matison Hess, and Christine Hess Orthmann
Textbook ISBN-10: 1-285-09667-3
Textbook ISBN-13: 978-1-285-09667-4

HUM 319 Myth, Metaphor and Symbol Katherine Kiefer-Newman

Book Title #1: Metaphors We Live By Author: George Lakoff, Mark Johnson
ISBN: 978-0226468013
Year/Edition: second/2003
Publisher: U of Chicago
Book Title #2: Hero With a Thousand Faces
Author: Joseph Campbell
ISBN: 978-1577315933
Year/Edition: third/2008
Publisher: New World
Book Title #3: On Photography
Author: Susan Sontag
ISBN: 978-0312420093
Year/Edition: 1st/2001
Publisher: Picador
Book Title #4: The Bloody Chamber
Author: Angela Carter
ISBN: 978-0140178210
Year/Edition: 1990
Publisher: Penguin

Session Two - 5/8/17 – 6/9/17
Course Number Course Title Instructor(s)
CJUS 330 Correctional Theory and Institutions Dr. Janine Kremling
American Corrections in Brief, 2nd Edition
Todd R. Clear; George F. Cole; Michael D. Reisig; Carolyn Petrosino
Textbook ISBN-10: 1-285-45842-7
Textbook ISBN-13: 978-1-285-45842-7
CJUS 440 Police Administration Dr. Larry Gaines
Drugs, Crime, and Justice
Gaines, L. and Kremling, J. (2014).
ISBN: 1-4786-0203-1
CJUS 431 Community Corrections Doug Weiss
Alarid, L.F. & del Carmen, R.V. (2012).
Community-Based Corrections, 9th edition. Cengage.
ISBN-10: 1-133-04966-4 ISBN-13: 978-1-133-04966-1
CJUS 465 Hate Crime and Law Policy Steven Merrall
Gerstenfeld, Phyllis B. (2013), Hate Crimes: Causes, Controls, & Controversies.
Sage Publications. 3rd Ed.
ISBN: 978-1-4522-5662-7

Summer 2017

Session One - 6/21/17 –7/27/17
Course Number Course Title Instructor(s)
SSCI 316 Race and Racism Dr. Kelly Campbell
Textbook Title: Race and Ethnic Relations: American and Global Perspectives
Edition: 10th edition (Chapters 1-5 and 13 are assigned)
Author: M. N. Marger
Publisher: Cengage/Wadsworth
Year: 2015
ISBN: 978-1-337-44303-6
CJUS 462 Domestic Violence and the Criminal Justice System Alexis Norris
Gosselin, D. (2015). Heavy Hands: An introduction to the crimes of family violence. 5th ed. Pearson
ISBN 978-0-1330-0860-9
CJUS 340 Police and Police Systems Dr. Christine Famega
Gaines, L. K. & Kappeler, V. E. (2014). Policing in America (8th ed). Cincinnati, OH: Anderson.
ISBN number: 978-0-32-331148-9
Session Two - 8/2/17 – 9/6/17
Course Number Course Title Instructor(s)
CJUS 556 Transnational Organized Crime Dr. Janine Kremling
Title: Handbook of Transnational Crime and Justice, Second Edition
Edition: 2
Author: Philip L. Reichel and Jay Albanese
ISBN: ISBN-13: 9781452240350
CJUS 598 Integrative Studies in Criminal Justice Dr. John Reitzel
CJUS 354 Victimology Dr. Steve Tibbetts
Required Textbook: Victimology: Legal, Psychological, and Social Perspectives 4th edition
By Wallace & Roberson: Pearson Publishing
ISBN: 9780133495522
E-book version of Textbook ISBN: 9780133495843.
Advice: Students can either buy the text or e-book. Both have the info to preform successfully in this course.
ALSO: You will have to get access to a movie; see Term Paper Assignment. It will involve watching the movie, In the Bedroom, 2001.

Fall 2017

Session One - 9/21/17 – 10/26/17
Course Number Course Title Instructor(s)
CJUS 311 Research Methods in Criminal Justice Dr. Nerea Marteache
CJUS 320 Theories of Crime and Delinquency Dr. Steve Tibbetts
SSCI 306 Expository Writing Erin Wolbeck
HUM 319 Myth, Metaphor and Symbol Katherine Kiefer-Newman
Session Two - 10/3 – 12/4/17
Course Number Course Title Instructor(s)
CJUS 312 Statistics in Criminal Justice Dr. Janine Kremling
CJUS 330 Correctional Theory and Institutions Douglas Weiss
CJUS 466 Justice and the Media Dr. Deborah Parsons
CJUS 441 Community Policing Fujita Shuryo