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MBA Online Program with Cyber Security Focus

A new Cyber Security focus area is coming to the MBA Online degree in the Winter 2018. This program combines the rigorous standards of a highly ranked AACSB program, the flexibility of being completely online and the highly sought Cyber Security concentration.

Focus Area Courses:

  • Expand IST 511. Cyber Defense (4 units)

    Prerequisites: IST 215 and IST 275, or IST 610 and IST 648, or consent of instructor. Advanced study of information assurance and security including methods and practices used by federal and state agencies, and private sector best practices. Topics include: threat assessment, red teaming methods, countermeasures, practices and law. Students will work in simulated environments and will investigate crimes and experience various security scenarios. Formerly a topic under IST 590.

  • Expand IST 610. Information Assurance Policy and Management (4 units)

    Information security from a system-wide perspective, beginning with a strategic planning process. Includes policies, procedures and functions necessary to organize and administer ongoing security functions in an organization. Topics include security practices, architecture and models, continuity planning and disaster recovery. Designed to incorporate the Committee for National Security Systems (CNSS) 4011 and 4012 standards.

  • Expand IST 646. Information Systems Planning, Strategy and Policy (4 units)

    Prerequisites: IST 609. Information systems planning, strategy and policy are necessary for an organization to deploy, manage and control its information resources. Takes the view of the Chief Information Officer integrating information systems with the business strategy and information needs of the organization through the process of information systems strategic planning and policy development. Information and security architecture theory, tools, assessments, methodologies and practice are applied.

  • Expand IST 647. Information Based Management (4 units)

    Prerequisites: IST 609. Advanced theory and application of data base management in organizations. Topics include managers need for information, elements of a data base, types of data bases, difference in data bases, administration issues, data certification/classification, life cycle, access control, and legal requirements.

  • Expand IST 648. Information Networking Systems and Security (4 units)

    Prerequisites: IST 609 or consent of instructor. Advanced study of developing, implementing, securing and managing information networks. Topics include use of hardware, software, routers, wireless communications, and Voice over IP. Management issues such as access control, privacy, protocol security and policies are also explored.

More details on the complete MBA curriculum here

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Winter 2018

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September 3

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