Fast Sketch Workshop

New this summer, learn fast sketching techniques from experienced artist Mike Sheehan. Fast sketching techniques are part of a fundamental skill set that can apply to a variety of fields: fine art, entertainment design, video game design, illustration, comics, toy & product design or any other field that requires quick visualization! It is an indispensable tool in gathering reference, and working out and refining ideas and compositions.

The workshop is designed to complement any field or program of study. It also reinforces and helps beginning drawing students as it is designed to connect the idea of seeing shapes and training the eye to see accurately with projects that connect to real world applications.

This class emphasizes drawing/sketching through demos/talks but mostly hands on drawing and rapid visualization. Students will progress through a sequence of projects and exercises that apply the practices of observation, expression and accuracy. A variety of sketching techniques are introduced to study and put into practice in a hands-on class with one-on-one time spent with students.

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Fast Sketch Workshop
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Spring 2016
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