Solar Power Professional Certificate

Get the renewable energy training you need as you learn the basics of solar powered energy systems, their benefits and their many applications. In this online certificate program, offered in partnership with ed2go, you’ll learn the fundamentals of photovoltaic (PV) solar powered energy systems, gaining the knowledge you’ll need for an entry level position with a dealer, installer or other photovoltaic industry company.

Who Should Attend

Anyone wishing to work in the solar energy industry.

Certificate Completion

Upon successful completion of this program, you will earn a certificate of completion from California State University, San Bernardino, College of Extended Learning and have a thorough understanding of PV applications, working safety as it pertains to this field, basic electricity and PV module fundamentals.

Delivery Format

  • The entire program is offered online
  • Instructor-facilitated online courses
  • Start anytime during the quarter
  • Learn from the convenience of your home and at your pace
Progress at the pace that matches your learning style

Course Information
Course No. GES 722
Units NC
Fee* $1,895

* Fees are subject to change


Training Time

120 hours, 3 months

expand I. PV markets and applications
  1. How to work safely around operational and non-operational PV systems
expand II. Basics of electricity
  1. Electricity terminology
  2. Using a digital multi-meter
  3. How to calculate simple circuit values
expand III. Solar energy fundamentals
  1. Solar terminology
  2. Describing solar movement and earth tilt
  3. Predicting solar position
expand IV. PV module fundamentals
  1. How sunlight is converted to usable power
  2. Understanding module output values
V. Computing electrical output and comparing characteristics of various module technologies

Skill Sets

  • Describe the history of PV technology and industry
  • Describe markets and applications for PV
  • Describe types of PV systems and their features and benefits
  • Demonstrate an understanding of electrical and solar terminology
  • Identify safety hazards, practices and protective equipment used during PV system installation and maintenance
  • Define basic electrical terms
  • Describe the use of a digital multi-meter
  • Calculate simple circuit values
  • Define basic solar terms
  • Describe basic solar movement and effect of earth tilt
  • Predict solar position using solar path diagrams
  • Describe angular effects on the irradiance of solar array
  • Identify factors that reduce or enhance solar irradiation
  • Explain how solar cells convert sunlight into electric power
  • Label key points on an IV curve
  • Illustrate effect of series and parallel connections on IV curve
  • Define measurement conditions for solar cells and modules


  • Must have access to computer, Internet and an active e-mail account.
  • Please note: AOL, MSN, Opera, Safari and Camino browsers are not supported.
  • You also need to have the latest version of Adobe Flash and Adobe Reader to properly view all course content. This program cannot be taken on a Mac.