Certified Green Supply Chain Professional Certificate

The Certified Green Supply Chain Professional Online Certificate Program, offered in partnership with ed2go, will give you the specialized knowledge to enable a company to achieve its environmental sustainability goals. Learn about global sourcing, materials management, procurement and buying, transportation and logistics and new product development.

Who Should Attend

  • Professionals working in or preparing for leadership roles tasked to support the sustainable business practices and goals of their organization
  • Professionals who need to create collaborative partnerships in order to improve sustainable business practices throughout the supply chain
  • Sustainability consultants who must analyze green challenges for their clients and develop supply chain strategies
  • Managers, directors or vice presidents whose departments are within the operations or supply chain groups and have responsibility for implementing green supply chain practices
  • Professionals who need to develop collaborative supplier partnerships with Original Equipment Manufacturer organizations they support as a Tier I or II supplier

Certificate Completion

Upon successful completion of the program, you will be eligible to take our certificate examination. Once you have passed, you have earned the program credentials and are entitled to use the SCSP or GSCP designation after your name.

Delivery Format

  • The entire program is offered online
  • Instructor-facilitated online courses
  • Start anytime during the quarter
  • Learn from the convenience of your home and at your pace

Course Information
Course No. GES 714
Units NC
Fee* $1,595

* Fees are subject to change


Training Time

60 hours; 13 months

 - expand I. Green Purchasing Fundamentals
  1. Introduction to Green Procurement
  2. Design for Environment (DfE) Principles
  3. International Green Labeling
  4. Green Product Standards
  5. Environmentally Preferred Purchasing (EPP)
  6. Supplier Relationship Management
  7. Green Purchasing Program Development
 - expand III. Sustainability 101: Corporate Social Responsibility
  1. Sustainable Development
  2. The Business Case for Sustainability
  3. Organizational Roles and Functional Influences
  4. Corporate Social Responsibility
  5. Sustainability in Major Business Sectors
  6. The U.S. Green Building Council and LEED
  7. Introduction to Environmental Science
 - expand V. Green Supply Chain Management
  1. Integrating Sustainability Across the Extended Supply Chain
  2. The Lean and Green Supply Chain
  3. Carbon-efficient Supply Chains
  4. Evaluating the Supply Chain for Sustainability
  5. Aligning Green Supply Chain Practices With Business Goals
 - expand II. Carbon Strategies
  1. Introduction to the World Resources Institute: WRI Protocol
  2. Developing a Climate Strategy
  3. Supporting Green House Gas Reductions
  4. Tracking Emissions and Reporting
  5. Tools and Best Practices Every Organization Should Know About
  6. The Green Supply Chain's Carbon Footprint
  7. Developing a Carbon Policy
 - expand IV. Green Transportation: 12 Best Practices
  1. Green Transportation and Logistics
  2. Building Energy Efficiency in 3PL Operations
  3. Greater Sustainability in Distribution Operations
  4. The EPA SmartWay Program
  5. Green Fleet Management
  6. Best-practice Case Studies

Skill Sets

  • Establish and maintain a green procurement strategy
  • Identify corporate social responsibility strategies to meet organizational needs
  • Develop and use Green Supply Practices (GSP)
  • Select and use a variety of environmental accounting methods effectively
  • Improve operational sustainability by applying green strategies to the logistics and supply chain
  • Align supply chain operations and business strategies to meet sustainability objectives


Must have access to a computer, Internet (high-speed Internet access is recommended) and an active e-mail account. In addition, you’ll need to have Adobe Reader, Flash plug-in and a QuickTime plug-in on your computer.