Management Certificate in Public Procurement

Procurement is a specialty with a growing demand within all three sectors – public, private and nonprofit. It is also one of the better paid sub-fields in public administration. A Management Certificate in Public Procurement (MCPP) offers a perfect opportunity for anyone interested in entering the field to obtain the training and education needed.

The MCPP would also be highly beneficial for anyone already in public service, especially managers, who seeks to strategically place themselves for moving up the career ladder. The MCPP offers rigorous education on the latest local, national and international procurement trends and practices. The MCPP is not just a procurement certificate – it is much more.

High-demand Field

  • For examples of available procurement positions - visit NIGP and DCMA.

Course Topics

  • Learn about local, state, national and international general procurement practices.
  • Explore the ethical and legal implications of public procurement practices.
  • Understand and implement common project management concepts within the context of public procurement.
  • Know the tools and approaches needed to determine the best value for the money.
  • Gain knowledge of the principles of contract formulation, underwriting and administration.
I have never before learned so much is a short period of time/

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NIGP The institute for public procurement

Program Coordinator

Alexandru V. Roman

Alexandru V. Roman Ph.D.
College of Business & Public Administration
Director, The Research Institute for Public Management & Governance
Editor, Journal of Public Procurement
Telephone (909) 537-5762 | E-mail:

Program Faculty

5 Rigorous Online Courses

expand Fundamentals of Public Procurement

This represents an introductory course that will provide students with an encompassing overview of the field of public procurement – practice and theory. It will introduce students to local, state, national and international general procurement practices and recent developments. The course’s main scope is to familiarize students with the history of public procurement, broad processes, ethical expectations and encompassing theoretical frameworks. By the completion of the course students will become familiar with basic public procurement terminology (e.g., cycle time, inventory terms, requisitioning, cooperative procurement, lead times, purchase orders, request for proposals, request for qualifications, benchmarks, specifications) and will be able to delineate the main differences between public and private sector procurement practices.

expand Public Procurement Process, Ethics and Law

This course introduces students to the processes and legal and ethical frameworks within which public procurement operates. It focuses on the ethical and legal implications of decisions made during the procurement process and places them within the greater context of democratic governance. The course targets the development of a foundational understanding of the basic and general legal principles that guide procurement processes. Among others, students will learn about the dangers of unethical procurement practices, liability exposure, contestation and arbitration procedures and the best practices associated with ensuring that procurement practices are simultaneously legal and ethical. Above all, students will learn about the ethical, legal and democratic responsibilities of public procurement professionals.

expand Project Management in Public Procurement

This course provides the conceptual and theoretical framework for project management within the context of public procurement. Currently, public procurement professionals are expected to simultaneously engage in a number of complex projects. Within context project management skills become a very valuable asset. Students will learn the need and rationale behind the use of project management in public procurement. In particular, students will be introduced to the fundamental role played by planning, setting and enforcing deadlines, personnel management, developing clear nodes of responsibility and developing performance management processes.

expand Best Value Analysis and Negotiation

Unlike private sector procurement, public sector procurement has to account for numerous other variables beyond the “bottom line.” This makes public sector procurement that much more complicated. It makes the determination of what represents the “best deal” – also extremely difficult. This course will introduce students to the tools and approaches employed in public procurement for purposes of determining best procurement value. It also offer the operational and theoretical frameworks of effective negotiations (e.g., conflict resolution, role assignment, positioning, negotiation tactics).

expand Contract Formulation and Administration

This course introduces students to the principles of contract formulation and administration in public procurement. With a growing significance of contracting out and outsourcing in the public sector – it becomes crucial that procurement specialists are educated and comfortable with best practices in contract underwriting and administration. Students will learn about the scope, language, practices and management approaches associated with effective contracting relationships between the public and private and nonprofit sectors. Among others, students will learn about the most common techniques employed for purposes of ensuring contractual performance and avoiding costly litigation.

Certificate Entry/Eligibility Requirement

To enroll in the Management Certificate in Public Procurement (MCPP), a student must hold a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university or have 5 or more years of experience in public procurement or a related field.

Certificate Completion Requirement

To earn the Management Certificate in Public Procurement (MCPP), a student must complete all five courses with an overall grade point average (GPA) of 3.3 or better.

2018 Tentative Course Schedule

Winter 2018

Session One 1/11-2/16/18
Course Number Course Title
EECR 4011 Best Value Analysis & Negotiation
Session Two 2/22-3/30/18
Course Number Course Title
EECR 4013 Contract Formulation & Administration

Spring 2018

Session One 4/6-5/11/18
Course Number Course Title
EECR 4012 Fundamentals of Public Procurement
Session Two 5/17-6/25/18
Course Number Course Title
EECR 4009 Public Procurement Process, Ethics & Law

Summer 2018

Session One 6/28-8/3/18
Course Number Course Title
EECR 4010 Project Management in Public Procurement
Session Two 8/9-9/14/18
Course Number Course Title
EECR 4011 Best Value Analysis & Negotiation

Anna N.

Heidi B.

"Thank you for offering such an excellent and thought provoking program. I learned a great deal over the period of these courses, both academically and personally. The courses covered the expected topics such as procurement types and processes, legal regulations and requirements, ethical obligations and expectations, and contract and project management. But unexpectedly it also emphasized the "softer skills" of team participation and management, that are absolutely critical for a successful public procurement specialist. These classes were not easy, but they were definitely worth the time and effort expended."

Anna N.

Anna N.

"Reflecting on the last few months - it was not easy, but I would not have it any other way. I sought out this opportunity specifically for the challenge of learning something new, and I must say I am more than pleased with the learning opportunity. I enjoyed these five classes, and rank them as some of the best college classes I have taken."

Anna N.

Edith H.

"I would recommend this program to any Procurement Professional seeking to expand their procurement knowledge. It will provide insight into many procurement practices, knowledge of contract formulation and project management. Each course provided helpful and applicable information that is extremely valuable and I am very happy to have chosen the MCPP program."

Anna N.

Zulay M.

"I recommend The MCPP Program to anyone looking to build a strong foundation in Public Administration and Public Procurement. As a result of this program I enhanced my ability to think critically, strategize effectively and utilize Project Management principles to achieve success in Public Procurement. "

Ruth C.

Ruth C.

"I would highly recommend the program to any Procurement Professional."

  • Edid Molina

  • Mary Horger
  • Charles Hergenraeder

  • Travis Grubb

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