Hospitality Management Certificate

Coming in 2017

The hospitality sector provides customers with lodging, entertainment, dining experiences, along with snacks and beverages for immediate consumption. Hospitality management focuses on the leadership and operations of the resorts, hotels, country clubs, restaurant, convention centers, entertainment centers, and other resort tourism related activities.

There has been an increased demand for qualified professionals who have an interest and understanding of hospitality management. This certificate will help prepare future leaders on the intricacies of hospitality. Courses will focus on hospitality operations while offering a broad, comprehensive foundation of current knowledge about the following areas:

  • Introduction to Hospitality Management
  • Leadership and Team Building
  • Promotions and Social Media
  • Target Markets and Customer Service
  • Revenue Management
  • Employee Relations

The Certificate in Hospitality Management consists of six, two-week courses, completed in a total of three months. Each course is one-unit of continuing education credit and are taught by Professors and Qualified Industry Professionals.

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  • Introduction to Hospitality Management (1 unit)
    • The course focuses on the fundamentals of business and careers in the hospitality industry.
    • A basic introduction to the business components (marketing, management, financial accounting and information technology) as they apply to the hospitality industry.
    • Career path development on where to begin (bottom) and how to rise through your organization. The career path opportunities, interactions, and interdependencies
  • Employee Relations (1 unit)
    • Handbooks, regulations, rules, and laws
      • Wage and hour laws
      • Interviewing
      • Sexual harassment
      • Consequences
    • Employee evaluations
      • Evaluation goals
      • Constructive and dignified
      • Employee training setup & reevaluated
      • Scenarios
  • Target Markets and Customer Service (1 unit)
    • Identifying primary and secondary target markets.
      • Demographics & psychographics characteristics
      • Identifying sources for leads
    • Selling techniques & strategies
      • Predicting customer service opportunities
      • Customer expectations, experiences, and service gaps
  • Leadership and Team Building (1 unit)
    • How to become a successful leader, coach, and mentor
    • Self-assessment on personality, attitude, and leadership style.
    • Leadership qualities and expectations.
    • Building teams
  • Revenue Management (1 unit)
    • Selling the right space at the right price at the right time to the right guest.
      • Planning for local seasons, events, groups, and trends
      • Balancing service quality and labor cost efficiency
    • Scheduling and coverage grids
      • Revenue Management systems
    • Financial Statement overview
  • Promotions and Social Media (1 unit)
    • Integrated marketing communications.
    • Impact of all the messages guest have the opportunity to see, hear, and experience.
    • Build a media promotional campaign utilizing traditional, non-traditional, and social media
    • Media scheduling, coverage, and estimated costs
    • Managing online reputation
      • Style & perception
      • Responding