Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Certificate

The Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Online Certificate Program, offered in partnership with ed2go, will introduce you to the fundamental aspects of the supply chain environment, including enterprise resource planning systems and requirement systems. The interrelationships between purchasing, vendor selection, sources of supply and technology will also be explored in this program. The focus is on management and the skills and resources that a successful manager needs. This program will show you the integrated approach to planning, acquisition, flow and distribution, from raw materials to finished products.

Who Should Attend

This program is intended for anyone currently working in, or planning to work in, procurement management, supply management, a purchasing department or any other area involved with procurement or supply.

Certificate Completion

This program provides an excellent foundation for a CPSM (Certified Professional in Supply Management) certification exam, but please note that this is not a CPSM review program.

Delivery Format

  • The entire program is offered online
  • Instructor-facilitated online courses
  • Start anytime during the quarter
  • Learn from the convenience of your home and at your pace

Course Information
Course No. GES 411
Units NC
Fee* $2,295

* Fees are subject to change


Training Time

300 hours; 6 months

 - expand I. Essentials of Purchasing
  1. Introduction and Overview
  2. Interdependencies of Purchasing
  3. Purchasing and Financial Statements
  4. Purchasing Administration
  5. Global Sourcing
  6. Regulatory Agencies
  7. Good Faith and Conclusion
 - expand III. Management Essentials
  1. Introduction and Components of a Successful Manager
  2. Organizational Culture and Change
  3. Power and Perceptions
  4. Leadership and Risk
  5. Strategies, Decision Making, Empowerment and Accountability
  6. Customer Relationship Management and Quality
  7. Human Resource Management
  8. Financial Accountability
  9. Summary
 - expand V. The Procurement Process
  1. Introduction and Overview
  2. Elements of Supplier Selection
  3. Supplier Evaluation
  4. The Bidding Process
  5. Summary of the Procurement Process
 - expand VII. Persuasive Communication
  1. Introduction
  2. Fundamentals of Communication
  3. Knowing the Audience
  4. The Power of Listening
  5. Credibility of the Speaker
  6. Evidence in Persuasion
  7. Emotion in Persuasion
  8. Organizing the Argument
  9. Summary
 - expand IX. Price and Cost Analysis
  1. Introduction
  2. Pricing Evaluation
  3. Use of Data
  4. Strategic Cost Analysis
  5. Timing and Outsourcing
  6. Summary
 - expand II. The Supply Chain Process
  1. Introduction
  2. Acquisition of Goods and Services
  3. Quantity and Demand
  4. Planning Process
  5. Material Planning Tools
  6. Flow of Materials
  7. Summary
 - expand IV. Budgeting Essentials
  1. Introduction
  2. The Concept of Budgeting
  3. Activity-based Budgeting
  4. Factors to Consider in Budgeting
  5. Production Planning
  6. Inventory
  7. Sample Budget and Summary
 - expand VI. Supplier Contracting
  1. Introduction
  2. General Contract Principles
  3. General Contract Principles Continued
  4. Contract Drafting
  5. Contract Drafting Continued
  6. Types of Purchasing Contracts
  7. Agency and Summary
 - expand VIII. Negotiating Strategies
  1. Introduction
  2. Steps in Negotiating
  3. Tools in Negotiatingv
  4. Types of Negotiations
  5. Personality Types
  6. Preparing for Negotiations
  7. BATNA and Summary
 - expand X. Legal Aspects of Contracts
  1. Introduction and Overview
  2. What is a Contract?
  3. Elements of a Contract
  4. Duties and Obligations
  5. What is the Deal?
  6. Legal Representation
  7. Good Faith and Conclusion

Skill Sets

  • Be familiar with the basics of purchasing and the purchasing environment in the private sector
  • Develop an understanding of the various approaches, tools and strategies used in negotiations
  • Learn the fundamentals of entrepreneurship
  • Understand marketing management and the strategies involved in developing a marketing plan
  • Become aware of the price and cost analysis from a purchasing and production perspective


Must have access to a computer, Internet (high-speed Internet access is recommended) and an active e-mail account. In addition, you may require Adobe Reader, Flash plug-in and a QuickTime plug-in on your computer.

ed2go will provide the following required textbooks for this program:

  • Budgeting for Managers
  • Successful Manager's Handbook
  • Harvard Business Essentials Guide to Negotiations
  • Essentials of Supply Chain Management